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Pro-Structure has over two decades of experience constructing new homes.  We undertake residential projects of any size, from small dwellings to large architecturally designed homes.
We can design and build new houses in any variety of materials, from bricks and texture coating, to timber, metal, stone and other materials. 



At Pro-Structure we bring a flexible approach to commercial and civil construction.  Over the years we have delivered complex commercial structures to meet the requirements of a business entity. 

We appreciate that timelines are critical to retail or business operations and that they represent losses or gains in trading opportunities.  As designers and builders, we are able to save time and money for our clients through cost and schedule reductions. 

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Pro-Structure has a proven capability to deliver industrial structures to exacting specifications, budgets and time frames. Pro-Structure is able to build on a grand scale, as demonstrated by the National Distribution Centre we built for Heinz  Wattie's. 



Health and Safety comes first and foremost, as always - especially when Pro-Structure are involved with construction in the Education Sector.
If schools need to be able to function during a build… we work round them. 


As Designers and Builders we have become experts at alterations and maintaining already existing industrial, commercial, residential and education structures.  In addition, Design and Build gives our clients the opportunity to achieve innovation when altering, by allowing them to review, improve and tailor the design through-out the construction life cycle; ensuring the result perfectly meet their needs.


As you would be aware, at Pro-Structure we go well beyond just building. We take a picture of your need, and give you a model of a solution.  We get together so you can define what you want. We put together strategic plans and options for you to consider. We adjust, alter and change the options until we have the 'Perfect Solution' to meet your need.

We use traditional draughting methods combined with advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D modelling software to produce architectural plans and 'ARCHITECTS' design solutions.


At Pro-Structure we use an integrated Construction Management system for every project we undertake.
The advantage for our clients with this system is that planning for both design and construction can proceed almost simultaneously.  This also allows us to present development costs before consent documentation has been formed.

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