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Links Rd Winery | Hastings

The production of wine is exacting and scientific and requires a structure that will accommodate all processes, thus the reason Pro-Structure was asked to design & build a purpose-built facility.  Reinforced raft foundation slabs were utilised to carry the weight of fermentation tanks and gentle sloping floors were added for drainage.  The concrete was treated with special neutralising chemicals to support the grape run off.

Pro-structure was faced with the challenge of merging the administration block with the tank shed.   Architectural expertise were used to achieve the desired look of the office frontage nested into the side of the main building.  The exterior of the building is constructed from coloursteel providing strength and longevity to the structure.


Our advanced and quality construction has resulted in 'fine wine from a fine facility'.  The well built factory has enabled Links Road Winery to now expand their operation and help produce wine for other grape growers in the region. 

Call us today - 06 870 8109

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