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Heinz Watties | Hastings

Global food giant Heinz Wattie's required a warehouse and distribution centre big enough to store all their produce. 

This warehouse build presented Pro-Structure with multiple challenges such as meeting the agreed completion date and staying within the budget. The central warehouse is approximately 20,000 square meters, and a series of additions takes the total structure to 30,000 square meters. Heinz Wattie's wanted minimal structural columns for uninterrupted space, so we designed and developed special trusses to span and support the roof.
The floor was structurally sized to support the weight of high-stacked pallets, and be durable enough to cope with forklift and large truck movements. 

We added modular site offices throughout the facility including a large scale fire control system room.  Pro-structure's ability to manage projects on a grand scale like this meant that construction was completed in just four months.

Up until recently, the Heinz Wattie's National Distribution Centre was the largest facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

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